As there are currently 3.9 million people in Illinois who have some sort of criminal record, either as a result of an arrest or conviction, APBCo Chicago launched a series of clinics designed to assist individuals in Chicago who are facing barriers to employment because of past criminal records by filing for certificates of good conduct before the circuit court or health care waivers before the Illinois Department of Health.

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Guidelines – Letters of Support

Basics of Sealing & Expungement

Certificates of Good Conduct – Overview

Certificate of Good Conduct – Process

Certificate of Good Conduct – Sample Petition

Relief from Disabilities – Petition

Relief from Disabilities – Notice

Relief from Disabilities – Order

Health Care Waiver – Process

Health Care Waiver – Sample Petition

Health Care Waiver – Application

Health Care Waiver – Cover Sheet

Statute – Certificates

Loss & Restoration of Rights

Health Care Waiver – Background Check

Statute – Expungement & Sealing

IMPACT Cover Page & Index

Clemency – Sample Petition

Sample Letter to Employer – General Certificate

Sample Letter to Employer – Specific Statutory Barrier

Health Care Waiver – Reference Sheet