As a means of providing a platform for APBCo members and non-APBCo members to communicate regarding the Clemency Project 2014, APBCo launched a Chatter group, granting limited access to non-APBCo members.

Please find attached (i) an email announcing/launching the CP14 Chatter group; (ii) documentation sent to participants; and (iii) an every changing roster of non-APBCo members granted access to the group.

1. ¬†To add a new non-APBCo member to the CP 14 Chatter group, use the admin Chatter profile ([email protected]); select Groups; select the Clemency Project 2014¬†Chatter group; and select Invite People (located on the right pane).

2.  Add the email address for the new non-APBCo member(s) and include the following message:

Welcome to the CP14 Chatter Group on APBCo’s Chatter platform!  Remember to always post within the group and not on your profile page, and please respect the limitations of your access, posting in this group only.  Let’s get chatting!

3.  To check to see if the new member has accepted your invitation, select APBCo Board (at the top of the screen); select Setup in the drop down; select the drop down arrow next to Manage Users; select Users; scroll down looking at the far right column entitled Profile.

In the Profile column, the designation should state ‚ÄúChatter External User.‚ÄĚ

As Chatter has a quirk with username address that we have to manually fix, click on the Edit button next to the individual’s name.  Copy the information in the Email field and paste it into the Username and Nickname fields.  Then scroll down and select SAVE.