The Association of Pro Bono Counsel congratulates Eve Runyon on becoming the new President and CEO of the Pro Bono Institute (“PBI”). With her years of experience at PBI, familiarity with all aspects of pro bono legal services, and commitment to closing the justice gap and serving the poor, Eve is ideally suited to lead PBI into the next stage of its critical work. Indeed, she has already made her mark in public interest law through her decade-long leadership of Corporate Pro Bono, an innovative partnership between PBI and the Association of Corporate Counsel that encourages in-house counsel to engage in pro bono work, often in collaboration with law firms and legal services organizations.

As Eve knows, there is much work to do in the pro bono world. APBCo looks forward to offering its support in the effort. As head of PBI, Eve will bring great creativity and energy to the entire pro bono community.