We have two detained-docket Cameroonian clients who we were able to get released on parole from ICE detention in Chicago. Both have political asylum claims based on their involvement with the SCNC Anglophone separatist movement in Cameroon, and were beaten and raped by the gendarmes in there. One is going to a sponsor in Minneapolis, MN and one is going to a sponsor in Silver Spring, MD. NIJC, the organization that was supervising the cases while Chapman was handling them on the detained docket, doesn’t have the resources to supervise the case now that the women’s cases will be transferred to non-detained docket in those locations, and we don’t have offices in Maryland or Minnesota. I am looking to try to place their cases with new counsel and a new legal aid supervisor. I am not familiar with the immigration resources in MN (beyond what was touched on at Academy) or in Maryland. Anyone have recommendations on who I could contact to try to place these two, or better yet, anyone willing to help me try to place them? They are very straightforward cases, but because of the trauma, they will need counsel who can help them.