Immigration Raids & Family Separation – Help Needed
ICE is expected to begin largescale immigration raids against families with final removal orders this Sunday, July 14.  Women and children will likely be detained in Dilley, Texas (the facility has already been cleared), while men will be detained in other facilities throughout the country.  Because these individuals will already be subject to final removal orders, the only way to prevent their immediate removal will be to file motions to reopen their immigration court proceedings.  We expect various work streams and the opportunity for both long-term and limited scope involvement, including:
1.   Traveling to Dilley, TX over the coming weekends and committing to 3 to 5 motions to reopen the removal proceedings of families detained there
2.   Conducting screenings in Newark, NJ; Youngstown, OH; and Denver, CO and committing to 3 to 5 motions to reopen the removal proceedings of individuals detained there
3.   Delivering pro se motions to reopen and providing other limited scope support in immigration courts throughout the country
A description of each project is attached, and excellent training materials are available at  If the raids move forward on Sunday, we will host a call with the Immigration Justice Campaign next week to answer questions and provide updates on each project.  If you have questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the contacts listed in the attachment.