Hey, all.  Just wanted to check back in on this, now that the holiday weekend is over.  If anyone could help (or could give me some leads to finding help), I would appreciated it.
We are assisting a tax-exempt pro bono client (referred to below as our client or the company) with renegotiating a management services contract with its management services provider. Pursuant to the contract, the management services provider  provides virtually all office space, technology, accounting and administrative services to the company (basically everything needed to run the company on a day to day basis) and is the employer of record of all personnel who work for the company. This arrangement has been in place for a number of years and currently is being renegotiated. We have been brought in to advise our client in connection with this arrangement and are trying to issue spot and address some issues with it. We are advising the board of directors and the company in connection with this matter and are searching for counsel with expertise in employment matters to assist with employment issues. For conflicts purposes, the service provider (adverse to our client) is a Virginia company called MCI USA (not affiliated with the telecom company). If anyone is available (or would like more information), please let me know.