Firm/office in NYC with knowledge re right-of-way: we do not have the expertise to handle this interesting project.
The Regional Plan Association ( is looking to work with a law firm that has expertise concerning rights-of-way to review and summarize the legal bounds of New York City’s rights-of-way for streets and sidewalks, including:
·        The history and evolution of rights-of-way on NYC streets and sidewalks;
·        What uses are legal in the right-of-way?
·        What uses are not legal?
·        Where are the grey areas?
Concurrently, RPA will summarize prior research into this topic and analyze all current New York City policies, laws, regulations and programs that influence or require rights-of-way along city streets and sidewalks. A matrix of possible actions and any associated and necessary legal requirements will be developed to clearly present the options and their likelihood. The Stakeholder Advisory Committee will be adjourned at
Deliverable: This work will be summarized in a White Paper entitled: Demystifying the Right-of-Way in New York City.
Please let me know if you might be interested and I will put you in touch with client to discuss.