DC COOP NEEDS ADVICE REGARDING ALLEGED OVERCHARGING FOR WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES – A group of founding members from Community Purchasing Alliance (CPA), a co-op, came together in 2013 for a group solicitation to find affordable, reliable, ethical waste hauling services. As part of that process, they came to the opinion that Waste Management was consistently over charging their customers. 
As the co-op came into being, they consistently encouraged these congregations to find legal counsel. One of the attorneys filed a case against Waste Management of Maryland in DC Superior Court. CPA is beginning to think through a number of questions that this situation presents in terms of opportunity, risk, and broader social impact. CPA has relationships with at least 20 congregations and non-profits that have been allegedly over-charged in a manner very similar to that described in the complaint. 
CPA is looking for pro bono counsel to provide advice so they can better understand how things might unfold and what possible courses of action might look like to further its mission. 
At this stage, CPA is just looking for brief advice and counsel.  If your firm is interested in providing advice to CPA, below is the contact information for the ED:
Felipe Witchger, Executive Director
Community Purchasing Alliance
[email protected]