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ADOPTION EXPERTISE, BAY AREA: I am seeking an attorney to serve as a volunteer mentor for a senior attorney here who has lots of experience with guardianship cases but now has a client who wants help adopting the child she is caring for as the guardian.  Legal Aid of San Mateo (which referred the guardianship case), Justice & Diversity Center, and Law Foundation of Silicon Valley do not have this expertise.  Does anyone have other suggestions for a mentor for adoption cases? The client lives in San Mateo County. Thanks!

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PA FIRMS: HELP NEEDED ON COMPELLING FEES/FINES CASE. Legal Aid in NY has a client who is about to be extradited on December 5 to Bucks County, PA for a parole violation. She says that in Pennsylvania she was ordered to pay some enormous court fee to pay for the cost of extraditing her in the past. She said that if she does not pay the fee she will be violated again and jailed for not paying the fee. There has been increasing focus on issues related to jailing clients who were unable to pay outstanding fines and this seems like a prime example. If you have an office in PA, let me know if you’re interested in representing this client. Thanks. [email protected]

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DECREASE IN REPORTING BY STATE DEPARTMENT ON WOMEN’S AND LGBT PERSONS RIGHTS DOCUMENTED.  From the Oxfam report:  Women’s rights and the rights of LGBTI persons are getting short shrift in the US government’s most prominent assessments of human rights under the Trump administration. In February 2018, the media reported that State Department officials had been ordered to cut back on discussions of women’s rights and issues, such as reproductive rights and violence against women, as well as on discussions of sexual and gender-based discrimination in human rights assessments. An analysis of the data suggests that this order has been heeded.  A link to the report is attached. 

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Immigration: Once again, our friends at CLINIC come through with a practice advisory based on last week’s USCIS call regarding the administration’s new policy on issuing Notices to Appear for applicants with denied petitions for Uvisas, VAWA, SIJS, and adjustment of status (among other forms of relief). This is sure to be updated as advocates consider the appropriate context. Notably, withdrawal of petitions will not affect the policy, so the main consideration for already-filed petitions should be whether additional evidence should be supplemented, and whether appeals to the AAO should be undertaken if the application is denied.

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