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What would your firm do in this circumstance …. In a civil litigation matter that you took on pro bono, you later find out that there is insurance that might kick in to pay the litigation costs at the rate of $220/hour for partners, $195/hour for associates and $100/hour for paralegals.  Would you accept that reimbursement and still call it pro bono, or decline the insurance and call it pro bono, or accept the insurance payments and take it out of the pro bono hours you report to AmLaw.  Your input would be much appreciated.  Thanks, Carolyn

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ISO Counsel for Supreme Court Amicus Brief: Along with CCR and CUNY CLEAR, we are co-counsel for respondents in Tanzin v. Tanvir, which is being heard by the Supreme Court this term. The issue before the Court is whether RFRA permits monetary damages against federal officials in their individual capacities. We brought the case because our clients were put or kept on the No Fly List because they refused to inform on members of their mosques.   A law professor who is an expert on watchlists is going to file an amicus brief about the problems with the federal watchlisting structure.  He is doing most of the drafting himself but is looking for a firm to assist.   Brief is due February 12.  If you’re interested, please let me know ([email protected])

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Last chance to register for CA Pro Bono Conference: The 2020 California Pro Bono Conference is just a week away! We hope you will be joining us on January 23 at the California Endowment in Oakland. If you have not registered yet, please visit the Conference page, where you can register and also view the agenda: https://onejustice.org/2020-ca-pro-bono-conference/. You can also access the registration page from the OneJustice home page if you have any problems with this link. Looking forward to seeing many of you later next week.

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VISITING DETENTION CENTERS BEFORE/AFTER EJC: I am working with SPLC/SIFI to see if it would be feasible and helpful to open up an opportunity for APBCo members coming to Atlanta for EJC from May 7-9 to visit the Stewart or Irwin County Immigrant Detention Centers in Georgia during the few days before or after EJC. As many of you know, SPLC operates legal clinics that focus on release strategies for immigrants at detention centers. SIFI is currently re-evaluating how best to incorporate pro bono attorneys at these clinics. I have opened a discussion with them about a possible pre- or post- EJC group from APBCo, but it would also be helpful to know how many of you might be interested in coming early to Georgia (May 4-6) or staying after (May 10-12). This is just a preliminary survey – no commitment!

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IP Help For Earth Day New York – With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in April, Earth Day New York has created some material on a campaign around climate action.  They would like to offer it broadly for free use by other organizations but still retain ownership.  They are looking for a firm to advise on this and quickly develop an agreement or license for use by all those who might want to be part of the campaign and use its graphics and icons.  With Earth Day in April, they are looking for help asap.  Our IP group is too busy to take this on.  If you are interested, please contact Pamela Lippe, President of Earth Day Initiative, at [email protected]  Thanks.

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