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Seeking firm to represent NY Immigration Coalition/I-ARC as amicus in Supreme Court. We are co-counsel to a petitioner, Erika Jisela Yanez-Pena, in a follow-on suit to Pereira about the BIA’s policy that if an immigrant received an NTA without a time or place and then received a notice of hearing with the time and place, the two documents *together* constitute a complete NTA and the date of the notice of hearing triggers the stop-time rule. The 5th Circuit ruled against Yanez-Pena and we are seeking cert.   As you probably know, the circuits have split on whether the BIA policy is consistent with the statute, with some circuits finding that the statute requires all of the information to be in a single document and other circuits (including the 5th Circuit in our case) holding that the BIA is entitled to conclude that the two documents together are a valid NTA.    NYIC/I-ARC have agreed to file an amicus brief in support of cert, and we are hoping that other immigration groups will sign on as well. ’m looking for a firm to represent NYIC/I-ARC and draft the brief. It would be due in 6 or 7 weeks (30 days after we file the cert petition). Please let me know if you’re interested.   Thanks, Jennifer ([email protected])  

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Although I recognize that this is pretty mundane subject matter in the midst of all of the important COVID-19 inquiries and information being exchanged, if anyone is a member of the ABA Section of Litigation and thinks that they might have an interest in serving on the Section’s Access-to-Justice Committee, please feel free to let me know and I will pass your name along; apparently there are several open slots needing to be filled. Thanks very much. Ted

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APBCo Virtual Happy Hours     APBCo members have told us that the most valuable part of their membership is learning from colleagues at other firms. As we abide by social distancing measures, we don’t want to lose this. Hence, APBCo Happy Hours, though at different times of day to meet members’ preferences. We intend to keep each happy hour to maximum of 12-15 people, so that everyone can have a chance to interact. The “hour” can be as short or long as the participants want. Though no agenda will be set, we are looking for your ideas on loose topics for discussion so that we can guide you to others who want to talk about the same things (be inventive – do you have a hobby others might find interesting?). Or you can just socialize. If you are willing to host and/or moderate a Happy Hour, please let us know by responding to the survey (link below)   With the results of this survey, we will set up Happy Hours by invitation. Cheers!   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2NRY5CX

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