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Raids Update   Thanks to the many of you who volunteered to take on Motions to Reopen the proceedings of raids victims detained at Dilley and elsewhere.  We have not yet seen the nationwide arrests that ICE threatened, but the Immigration Justice Campaign continues to monitor the situation and will notify us of any updates.  The good news is that we now have a solid infrastructure in place to respond to any largescale raids.  To remain prepared, Latham will continue finalizing the roster of firms volunteering to deliver pro se motions to immigration court, which will be the first priority if and when the raids occur.  Thanks again to everyone for volunteering for this effort.

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Seeking a referral to a legal services organization in West Virginia. Here is a a summary. The request for assistance comes from the @ Appalachia Service Project, an organization that repairs homes in Appalachia for those in poverty. The person seeking advice is named Karen Richmond. Ms. Richmond is the foster care mother of a 9 year old boy and 2 year old girl. The case is taking place in Summers County, West Virginia. The children were abandoned by mother and father in about Feb. 2018, and they were passed around relatives and friends, finally coming to rest with Karen Richmond in or about Sept. 2018. Emergency court orders have placed the children with Karen Richmond under the supervision of West Virginia’s child welfare agency for the present. A guardian ad litem for the children has been appointed. On a previous occasion when the children were living with their father, the guardian ad litem found that they were locked in a single room for hours in unsanitary living conditions. Parents have been abusive/neglectful. Both are substance abusers. Both are on again / off again interested in seeing the children. Psych evaluation of the boy shows PTSD, oppositional/defiant disorder/ADD. Complains of physical abuse by father. Karen Richmond is interested in keeping the kids but the State may permit limited visitation rights by parents. The boy is scared of the father and mother. The girl seems behind in development. Karen Richmond needs guidance as to the legal proceedings and what they mean. I anticipate, though I do not know, that she believes the children should not see the parents.

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