Dear Members,
The new iteration of our Map is ready. In addition to the features described below, from a year ago, we’ve added practice area information to the civil legal services office “bubbles” on the Map so that we can quickly discern if there is a legal aid office with the expertise we need in the jurisdiction we need it (e.g., for help on an active case, to make a referral, to gather information, find an expert, recruit a local partner, etc.). PLEASE NOTE:  In most jurisdictions, NLADA offices aggregate their information.  For example, in Nevada, there are eight legal aid offices and the data on their areas of practice is aggregated and appears in one place:  the Main Office in Las Vegas.  Oklahoma, to take another example, has many legal aid offices across the state, and their data is aggregated and appears in one place:  the Main Office in Oklahoma City. Only the offices where practice area information has been added are highlighted on the Map. At each Main Office bubble, we’ve also added their website, which will lead to more specific information. I think this has the effect of making the Map more user-friendly than if we tried to cover each of the hundreds and hundreds of civil legal services offices individually (which NLADA does not do, regardless).  I hope you find it helpful. As also noted below, a priority now is adding all offices outside the US!
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APBCO-NLADA INTERACTIVE MAP. As a follow-up to our member meeting in DC last month, and particularly for those who could not attend, below are instructions on the rollout of our map, which we hope makes a lot of your queries about who has offices where, how big, whom to contact, and what legal services are in the area a lot easier to answer.  Many of you have already been using it, and the feedback has been positive. Some user notes below, followed by instructions on how to access the map.
– OFFICES. Map locates 1,728 NLADA offices (the BLUE dots: civil legal aid & PDs); and 817 APBCo firm offices (the RED dots) and counting.
– SCAN the whole map / ZOOM in on regions/states/cities. Graphically, when you open the map, the markers overlap because there are more than 2,500, with many concentrated in urban areas. You can manually grab and scan the map to zoom in on a specific area, and as you do the markers will emerge individually – CLICKING on any marker provides that office’s basic info.
– SEARCH. The legend in the upper left corner of the map has two searchable groupings (“APBCo Locations” & “NLADA Locations”). You can search these by clicking on the 3 dots to the left of their titles and choosing “Open Table.”  You can then search by firm name, city name, etc.  So, for example, if you are looking for legal aid in Salt Lake City, just click the dots next to “NLADA Locations,” choose “Open Table,” and search “Kansas City” and you’ll get contact info for three providers:  Utah Legal Services, Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake, Disability Law Center.  Similarly, if you want to know which APBCo members’ firms have offices in Tennessee, just click the dots next to “APBCo Locations,” choose “Open Table,” and search “Tennessee” and you’ll see that three firms have eight offices in TN, with the number of attorneys in each and contact info.
– DROP PINS, GET DIRECTIONS/distances, etc. Our map has all the regular features of Google Maps.
– REVISE / ADD OFFICE INFO.  Our map is open and easily updated. We did our best, but there will be some errors to correct; if you notice any in your firm’s info, please make the needed changes; if your firm did not provide its information, please add it; if your firm is new to APBCo since a year ago, then definitely please add your info. Revising your firm’s entries follows the same path laid out in “SEARCH” (above) – and you can either highlight the info you want to revise or select the pencil icon and click on the field (e.g., number of attorneys) you want to correct. To ADD offices, follow the attached PDF.  It will require a coordinated effort to update all our Member offices outside of the US – that is certainly a priority!
– GROW WITH US.  In addition to adding new office information as we add members, and updating existing info, we and NLADA hope to add new categories of information. For example, we may be able to add information about particular areas of the law that NLADA members practice in, as well as major collaborations, long-term projects or other areas of expertise that we’d like to identify/share among our members and theirs.

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