Amicus support needed at DC Circuit to protect the Affordable Care Act
Please contact me offline ([email protected]) if lawyers from your firm might be interested in supporting amici at the D.C. Circuit in support of the Affordable Care Act; briefs will be due July 22. Amici will urge affirmance of a district court ruling won by 12 state attorneys general to void the Department of Labor’s Association Health Plan (AHP) Rule, which allows AHPs to be more easily formed in order to evade consumer protections and sabotage the ACA. AHPs have a long history of fraud, mismanagement, and abuse, with millions in unpaid claims for policyholders and providers, often leading to consumer bankruptcies. In addition, the court below found that the AHP Rule would disrupt ERISA’s statutory scheme.
The entities/groups seeking representation are:
– An organization that advocates for the interests of small businesses across the U.S.
– Experts on the history of fraud and abuse in AHPs (previously known as Multi-Employer Welfare Arrangements, or MEWAs)
– ERISA experts, including the former head of the Employee Benefits Security Administration in DOL.
Happy to provide more information and/or put you in direct contact with lawyers at the NY Attorney General’s Office, who can fill you in.  
Thank you — Jennifer